Blockchain City – OFFICIAL TRAILER (2018)


Join Technology Futurist Ian Khan on a quest to find out why cities globally are investing in Blockchain Technology. Interviewing key global Blockchain visionaries and Governments, Blockchain City is an inspirational documentary that brings the true effects of Blockchain to the front lines. Interviewed guests include

Imogen Heap – Grammy Winning Artist
Imogen is a world renowned musician and a strong advocate of creative industry, copyrights and intellectual property rights as it affects the creative arts industry. She is also focused on making privacy a thing of the past through her innovative idea of MyCelia Creative Passport.

Dr. Larry Sanger – One of the co-founders of Wikipedia, the world’s most comprehensive information repository.
Dr. Sanger has now moved on to Everpedia, a Blockchain based platform that ensures information accuracy. Dr. Sanger is an industry veteran and a very well know authority on the emerging roles of information management, freedom, privacy and capturing information through Blockchain.

Professor Roman Beck – Chairman of the European Blockchain Center, ITU University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Professor Beck manages the council and thought leadership about Blockchain in Europe. He is currently involved in helping create better understanding of Blockchain and its impact on global cities and industries through the center.

Dolfie Muller – Mayor of Zug, Switzerland
The first municipality to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and the world’s first municipality to test the use if Blockchain for voting, Dolfie Muller has lead all these initiatives in Zug, Switzerland. Zug has transformed from a quiet idyllic town to the being known as Crypto Valley due to a huge growth of the Blockchain based businesses and enterprises setting up business in Zug.

Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr – Director General Smart Dubai
Leading the implementation of Blockchain across Government in Dubai, Dr. Aisha is leading an aggressive strategy to move all government transactions to Blockchain by 2020-2021. She also sits on the board of the United Arab Emirates Federal Blockchain Strategy.

Joseph Lubin – Co founder of Ethereum Foundation and founder of Consensys
A pivotal pillar in the development of Etherium, Joe founded Etherium with Vitalik Buterin with Vitalik Buterin. Joe remains a key Blockchain influencer and evangelist helping create a better understanding of the technology and also implement it through his Blockchain studio “Consensys”

Gagik Yeghiazarian– Forbes Armenia & Georgia Editor in Chief, Blockchain Entrepreneur – Co founder of Publiq –
Gagik is a well known media industry change maker, and leader. A founder of Cosmopolitan & Forbes in Armenia & Georgia, he is also the Co-chair of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs with 8000 members.

Ott Vatter – Deputy Director – eResidency Estonia
Estonia is one of the leading digital nations that has completely transformed the way cities work. With city wide implementation of e-governance including the implementation of Blockchain, Ott is in charge of Estonia’s strategy towards full digital governance.

Marloes Pomp – Head of Blockchain for Dutch Government –
Marloes is the head of the Dutch government for Blockchain. She is also the chairperson for the Dutch Blockchain Council. The Dutch government is currently working on multiple projects with Blockchain with Marloes leading the initial discussions and business case development. She is also the co-author of an upcoming book on Blockchain Rights.

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