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Hi, I’m Tim Blanchard. I am a full time Professional Trader & Chief Mentor for PitViewâ„¢ by Advanced Market Systems, LLC (AMS). I primarily trade the Forex market & look forward to getting to know you.

The Banks drive the Forex market. Period.  PitViewâ„¢ is the ONLY SERVICE that shows you how to trade on the same side as the Big Banks. Don’t go long if they are going short! Get insights into the Forex market that you can’t get anywhere else. *

These are Your 3 Cardinal Rules for Forex Trading:Rule 1: ONLY TRADE WITH THE BANKS!



PitViewâ„¢ can help you be within the 10% of traders who have found a way to consistently make money. Most retail traders fail, not because they can’t learn technical or fundamental analysis, or in fact, read a chart. They fail due to poor risk management, under capitalization and the simple oversight of not creating a trading plan with specific rules and FOLLOWING those rules. In a similar vein, statistics show that 90% of new start-up businesses fail for exactly the same reasons. But, here’s something you likely didn’t know:

Successful trading takes work and discipline, and that is why we have created a 5-part system called the PitViewâ„¢ Path to Trading Success. It contains 5 simple parts.

PitView™ Analytics compliment all trading strategies and techniques. YOU can enhance your performance by using PitView™ Analytics when you ONLY TRADE WITH THE BIG BANKS. Our Trade Ticket and Trade Manager tools will manage your Risk, your Money and your Trades.

PitViewâ„¢ Provides Everything YOU Need to Succeed! *

If you establish a trading plan, use the best tools, get the right education and combine all of this to ‘Trade That Plan,’ then you are giving yourself every advantage to be successful in your trading.

Trading With Confidence comes from knowing that you have The Best Real-Time Market Maker Tool in the Industry, combined with the education on how to apply the results from that tool to real-time market strategy.

As part of all subscription packages, you can plot our Liquidity Windows on MT4 and use them to trade real-time and… also for back-testing with historical data!

All of our packages include our Trade Ticket and Trade Manager because without Money and Risk management, the best trading strategy is doomed.

Our Trade Ticket is integrated with MT 4 and gives you the ability to instantly set stops based on how much you want to risk! There are no calculations required, just a simple mouse click and your position has the proper stops and amount of risk – Always!

Every PitViewâ„¢ package includes our resource rich Members Area of our website. Learn the history and principles behind the PitViewâ„¢ Liquidity Provider Analytics. PitViewâ„¢ University offers a comprehensive set of web-based instructions comprised of videos and detailed instructions ranging from how to use our programs to actual trading systems and ideas!

Remember, in its simplest form, all financial markets are auctions. As in any auction, changes in price must first be preceded by changes in the Bids and Asks. Advanced Market Systems, LLC (AMS) patents provide exclusive rights to create analytics based upon the changing Bids and Asks of the top market makers in the world. AMS extracts information directly from the Liquidity Provider data stream, and in a proprietary manner, creates detailed Bid/Ask analytics based upon what the market makers are doing in real-time.

PitViewâ„¢ Analytics are provided through several different dynamically updating and sorting Liquidity Windows. The big picture of the Forex market is presented as a straight-forward matrix. It’s an easy to follow heat-map, depicting the Liquidity Provider Bid/Ask bias that are indicative of future price movement for the world’s twenty-eight major currency pairs. It provides signals that have, in fact, proven to result in an exceptionally high percentage of wining trades, for many different trading strategies and time frames.

PitViewâ„¢ offers a ZERO Commitment Policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied, and we’re confident you will be, you may cancel at anytime.

PitViewâ„¢ Liquidity Analytics will be available for immediate download via your welcome email link upon successful registration.

* Any testimonials or case studies on this site may not be representative of the experience of other clients and are not indicative of future performance or success.

Advanced Market Systems is an entrepreneurial company based in Fort Myers, Florida whose primary goal is to help make our Subscribers better Traders. We are working to achieve this by offering the PitViewâ„¢ Indicator which will allow you to Trade-With-Confidence. PitViewâ„¢ allows the trader to clearly see what is happening in the market and to trade on it. To make this work, we needed a reliable and timely data stream to feed PitViewâ„¢. We developed and own the data distribution network that ensures the integrity and timeliness of the data. This allows us to offer our customers a professional level analytical package with features not found in any other analytical software packages, at any price.

PitViewâ„¢ by Advanced Market Systems, LLC

To provide our PitViewâ„¢ Subscribers with advanced, innovative, state of the art software that will help make them become better traders and will also help give them an actual, real-time trading edge on the market. We have listened to what active Traders want and have designed the PitViewâ„¢ tool just for them. Our technological advances with PitViewâ„¢ take advantage of both the recent increases in bandwidth on the internet and the increased RAM and CPU speed found on the newer personal computers. For every currency pair, we process up to 7-10 times the amount of raw data than our competitors. We provide you with windows into the marketplace that they cannot.

Our Patented and Patent Pending Software Features are not offered anywhere else.

At Advanced Market Systems we are dedicated to listening to our customers needs and to providing them with the best, and the most advanced market analytical systems in the industry.

We want our tools to give you the edge to become better traders.

PitViewâ„¢ offers a ZERO Commitment Policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied, and we’re confident you will be, you may cancel at anytime.

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Click here to get cb – PitView at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

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