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Name: Vuyokazi Yonke
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation: Entrepreneur- Chebe Hair Growth Sizwe Vlogs

Welcome to my channel, the videos which you are likely to see will be based on varied interests. On Monday I will do a Monday Motivation Video where we can all have inspiration for the week. I would love to hear what and who is your motivation, so comments are always welcomed! I will also be posting videos on various topics on any other day.
I am a mom of 2, my personal interests are healthy living, sewing, movies, reading, music local and international news. I am a spiritual being and am very interested in alternative thought.
I believe in the law of attraction and related topics. I love documentaries about people and how they live as well, different ways of life, cultures as well as wild life & nature doccies. I also am here for a good conspiracy theory.
With that being said, expect anything and everything on the channel. Subscribe, like, comment & share. Thank you, much love!

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