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I’m Aja Dang and in 2020 I’m tackling more than just financial goals – I’m going to run my very first half marathon! This video was sponsored by Nike as I am running Nike’s LA 13.1 on April 5. This fitness challenge is something I never thought I would do because I *hate* running. I haven’t run more than one mile in 10 years so it’s time to rethink my relationship with running (as I did with money), focus and train properly.

When Brian and I visited the Nike Headquarters in Oregon, we learned about the shoes I’ll be running in and the training program that I can use over the next couple months. I’m hoping by following a training program, I not only will start to enjoy running but I’ll also maintain the health of my body as I try a workout I’m not used to. Let’s see how far these 33 year old knees can go huh?

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NIKE: Join Nike’s Project Fearless: https://swoo.sh/36Xsj8G
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