Krav Maga Fitness – Bas Rutten Boxing Workout (Straight Punches Only With Resistance Band)


Krav Maga Fitness Program: Bas Rutten Boxing Workout (Straight Punches Only With Resistance Band).

Our Krav Maga Fitness program integrates a lot of workouts that are specific and functional to our Self Defense and Fighting training.

The workout that is used most often by our students is the Bas Rutten Mixed Martial Arts Workouts.

This workout shows how to shadow train using a resistance band to increase punching speed and power.

I’ve tested different resistance band and discovered the following:

1. Different brands and models of resistance bands come in different lengths, strengths and each feel differently. I currently have two different brands/models at our training center. The Everlast FIT Shadow Boxer and the TITLE Boxing Resistance Band Shadow Boxer (the one used in this video). I found the TITLE band was a little smaller and worked for better for my build. The Everlast model will work better for my larger students.

2. Most resistance bands don’t offer much resistance when throwing punches other than Straight Punches. When trying it out with Hooks, Uppercuts, and Overhands it felt awkward and didn’t provide much tension.

3. Due to reason #2 above I modified this workout by only throwing Straight Punches (Jabs and Crosses). Any left punch called out I would always throw a Jab. Any right punch called out I would throw a Cross.

4. I will continue to test out different brands and models of punching resistance bands in the future.

5. If I find a better model of resistance band that works for Hooks, Uppercuts, and Overhand Punches in the future, I will make another video demonstrating the normal Bas Rutten Boxing Workout combinations using it.



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