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Hi, Thank you for coming by. Are you aware that ALL the world’s BEST MUSICIANS, WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, play music BY EAR? There is a 95% chance you have that ability. With that ability, you can learn 12X (Yes, twelve TIMES) FASTER with the potential of being able to play MANY musical instruments quickly instead of plodding though years with one instrument at a time!

This is NOT like any other PIANO BY EAR or whatever course you see on the internet or offline. This is the REAL Play By Ear Method. I give you your MONEY BACK if this is not going to work for you. Take my challenge and see if you can really acquire that basics of that ability within a short time!Now, before I start off, would you mind watching this video of a student of ours?

While you may aspire to play good music, there are problems you will face and I have highlighted them below. Start off wrongly and you could get turned off music forever! The video may show problems faced by children but they are the same for adults too. See below:

Now I am going to give you a solution on how to overcome these problems easily. Below is a video that demonstrates a child who learnt without my method and the results of one who learnt with my methods. Again, while it was done for children, it applies to adults too. See the video below:

Have you ever wished that someone could teach you how to play music easily without all the tough methods that teachers are currently advocating? If yes, you should look at this:

These sets of Video Book are especially for 2 types of  music lovers who want to play music:

1. People who can play “By Ear” or Graduates of my Play By Ear Course who need to revise what they have learnt

2. Interested Students who are just too far away from my physical centers.

If you love music, you would surely fall into one of the above groups.

Play By Ear Video Books – Most Comprehensive Available!
Where learning music via the “By Ear” method is concerned, I can assure you that it will be almost impossible for you to get anything close to as good as this! It is based on 25 years (Yes, 25!) of research as to the best way to teach it across! In fact, before launching this, I have shown these videos and materials to selected people and this 1 person who is particularly fussy over details commented: “This is very COMPREHENSIVE and so very well EXPLAINED!” In fact, she commented that it would  be very difficult for many “By Ear” musicians to teach the idea across because they may know how to play but they may NOT know how to express it across well enough so that you can understand and emulate.

Being the experienced and properly trained trainer that my partner, Dr Vincent Lee (featured in the video book) was, he has taken great pains to ensure that EVERYTHING PERTINENT to your success is SHOWN here. Trust me, it would be almost impossible to get someone to explain it as well as he did!

Play By Ear Video Books – Personalized Tutorial Help Available!While it is possible for some of you to achieve success via this program alone, there would be quite a number among you who need personalized guidance; and to ensure that you can get to the right place where we want you to be, we have set it up such that you can Skype in and get personal tutoring from our coaches. All you need is a laptop with the camera pointing at you and the instrument and once configured properly, you don’t even have to leave home to learn! The specific details will be given to you once you are into our program.

Play By Ear Video Books – Done By The Industry’s Best!I have already elaborated quite a bit about the trainer featured in the video. To tell you more, he is the very person who has help me made the Play By Ear Program the finest there is in the market. He is the late Dr Vincent Lee. He has worked alongside with me for many, many years right from scratch up to the perfect masterpiece it is today. In fact, because he just passed away this February 2010, I am doing this in memory of him.

In total, there are 70+ videos in this program spread over 10 video books so that each ebook is sized big enough to utilize your computer’s resources without much problem to its memory and capacity. I have taken enough pains to ensure it will work on a decent computer.

Play By Ear Video Ebooks – Here’s What You Will Learn!
All the things required for you to learn properly and easily are detailed here:
1. The right way to get every melody correct

2. The right way to choose the correct harmony for your song. The alternative method where you select the chords based on the melody is not foolproof! You will run into problems if you used that. Here you are taught how to get it right!

3. How to find practically every harmony formula under the sun! And it is given in very easy to remember formulas!

4. How to find out the correct set of notes to use for your melody if you wish to change keys!

5. All the important basic accompaniments you can use as a hobbyist.

6. How to apply the accompaniments properly.

7. What about songs with non-standard accompaniment styles? How to figure it out?

8. Applying some easy improvisational ideas to your songs.

9. Active Passive Formula – making your songs sound professional without complicated techniques.

10. Applying song build up.

11. How to ‘balance’ your song.

12. A resource of songs for festival occasions

All the above elements are important to give you the required skill-sets to be able to work out almost any songs you want to play as a hobbyist.

Play By Ear Video Books – What Our Students Say:

In twenty weeks… I’velearnt how to play my own songs! Make them up… find the chords and play. It’s very easy to do. My mother says I’m a ten-year old talent. [Ong Mei Yen (10) Malacca]

Even for those who were graduates or drop out of our course for their own reasons, this is a great refresher and reminder of what they have learnt or rather, what they have missed.

We have also been listed in the Malaysian Book of Records where 65 of our students performed 5 songs on 2 pianos.

Play By Ear Video Books – Converting To Membership Site Soon!

Putting all these contents into video ebooks is a temporary arrangement and I will only be offering this to a selected number of people. Later on, it will be transferred to a membership site where payment will be on a subscription basis along with other terms and conditions.

So, for the time being, these training contents will be now available to you for a ONE OFF PRICE and you can have the content for your lifetime instead of subscription basis!

Play By Ear Video Books – How Much?

Further to that, if you need personalized tutorial, you can request for a Skype meeting at only USD15.00 per session of 30 minutes. I have enclosed detailed instructions how to go about it in my welcome email when you take up this offer.

Click on the button below to add this offer to your cart. Once done, I will send you the links to immediately download all these 10 downloadable video books, materials, MP3, etc. along with instructions how to set up the Personalized Tutorials. In fact, I have even enclosed a surprise bonus music book for you!

Play By Ear Video Books – Additional Special Bonus!
If you like the above and if you take action today to buy it TODAY, I will also give you a one year membership into my future Play By Ear Membership Site FREE of charge! You don’t even have to come up with one single cent for that and you stand to benefit from the networking and sharing between the students and you can also use the resources inside the Membership Site.

Play By Ear Video Books – A Welcome Message From Dr Vincent Lee!

And below is the first of the video you wil see when you take up the course. That is Dr Vincent Lee speaking directly to you STEP-BY-STEP. Everything has been broken down into BITE-SIZED PIECES so that you can DIGEST and COMPLETE each assignment PROPERLY before going on to the next – UNLIKE many other internet training videos when you have to click to stop and REWIND to review. I am very sure this will be easiest and the best training video you have ever seen; and also MOST PROPERLY DONE TOO! I believe you will be inclined to believe it is like as though he is there DIRECTLY guiding you!

So take action now and CLICK on the ADD TO CART Button!

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Click here to get Play By Ear Home Page at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

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