Prashant Surana Jain is He is also #1 Super Achiever under 30 by Prestigious Hindustan Time, a Serial Entrepreneur in AI and Blockchain. He is Co-founder of Snapper Future Tech, India’s most promising blockchain technology and innovation Company . Prashant has been in Blockchain space since 2015, have spoken at hundreds of Conferences around the world. He is also Leading Blockchain evangelist, investor and consultant helping startups to fortune companies to blitzscale and adopt blockchain. I believe we are in “Blockchain Age” and Blockchain brings trust to the Internet. Blockchain is “TRUST” and “TRUST” is the Greatest “VALUE” to Mankind. With Snapper and my Blockchain ventures We are disrupting “Status Quo” of the “Internet” with “Blockchain”. We are enablers, creators and adopters pushing the “HUMAN RACE FORWARD”.

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