Mous Contour Review – The PERFECT Leather iPhone 11 Case


There are two things that generally bother me about leather cases.

The first is that some companies will use really nice leather and slap it on a crappy case.

The second is the opposite as some companies will take a strip of leather and slap it on a normal case and call it fancy.

There aren’t many cases in my years of reviewing cases, where I feel that a company approached the product by focusing equally on materials, design and device protection.

Mous is one of those companies. The Contour is one of those cases. It’s a triple threat? #TripleThreat! It handles like a slim case, looks like a normal case and protect’s like a tough case.

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It’s The Hugh Jackman of iPhone cases.

When it comes to smartphone cases, the Mous Contour is smartly designed. Like all Mous cases, the corners are larger and the sides are slimmer. But on the Contour, the sides are really slim because of the curved back. This design feature makes a world of difference when it comes to handling.

This design feature is what makes the Contour feel incredibly thin.

The improved handling, coupled with the improved texture on Mous’s iPhone 11 cases, makes this one of the best feeling cases I’ve used in a while. For the updated texture, it ~almost feels like the grippiness of the Apple Silicone case BUT without the pocket pulling power of the Apple Silicone case.

The Mous Contour is generally built the same way as the Mous Limitless with the case being a mixture of PC, TPU and Mous’s own AiroShock material. The process of fusing all three layers together actually takes a lot of trial and error to get right. Which is why most companies only do two layers.

The Mous Contour has four leather finishes with the Red, White, Blue and Black Speckle being part of the Active series and the brown being part of the Classic series.

The leather is genuine cow hide for all models BUT the only one that will wear naturally is the Mous Classic case.

The Contour Actives won’t slide around easily on either side but the Classic is a little slicker on the back BUT not as slick as you would find on the Apple Clear Case.

The Contour’s won’t show excessive usage though the leather back will wear quicker than the average case. The only caveat to this is if you drop it alot.

With all things considered, the Mous Contour feels like a slim case, looks like a normal case and protects your iPhone like a tough case. #TripleThreat.

Getting to your iPhone is a breeze in the Contour. The buttons are easy to use, the low screen edges along the middle of the case allows you to easily gesture your way through iOS 13 on your iPhone 11.

If you’re running multiple sim cards, the Contours include an area for two extra sim cards and the tray tool which might be handy for some.

I didn’t have any issues accessing the port or the camera. As a side note, for the camera, having that thinner edge makes shooting things with your three eyed Monster even easier as the phone doesn’t feel as bulky.

Again, I honestly can’t tell you how good this case feels in my hand. The texture from the leather, coupled with the new texture along the edges of the case and the slim design makes this one of the best cases I’ve ever used.


When it comes to protecting your stupidly expensive iPhone, the Contour has the oversized corners, airoshock material injected along the edges, a rigid back for better face first drops and a microfibre cloth on the inside to prevent scratches on the glass back.

Sounds pretty great on paper doesn’t it? How well does it do in real life?

It does fine. And then some. The highest drop we did for this video was around 10ft AFTER we dropped it about 24 times.

Check out the end of the video to see the FULL set of drops that we did. At the end of it all, we were very surprised at how well the leather on our Contour Active series held up after the drops. We went out of our way to scuff it up and the case doesn’t look terrible…
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