These Are The Best Video Hosting Blockchain Platforms


Hey everyone so this video is going to be a look at the current video hosting applications on blockchain platforms and what I recommend. There are so many applications and sites now, but the major lacking component to blockchain social spaces is an obvious replacement for YouTube. The main issue being that most blockchain and blockchain integrated platforms have blogs with video embedding that still only supports traditional platforms. This could be partially at fault on the video hosting applications for not making it very accessible as well as the platforms that aren’t doing their part to push for blockchain and alternative video hosting synergy when it comes to embeds, link previews, etc.

I also briefly mention Veme which is unreleased, but I have high hopes for if it is as good as their rep I spoke with yesterday made it out to be. I am pretty excited to see that platform launch and hopefully test it in beta this quarter!

Anyways let me know what platforms you use and prefer. What features you’d like to see them release and any thoughts you’d like to share. Cheers!

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