What is Quorum Blockchain? Is it right for your business?


Quorum is the soft fork of the popular public Ethereum Blockchain developed by J.P. Morgan – American investment bank and financial services company. It solves some of the major issues which come when using Ethereum Blockchain as an enterprise solution such as privacy, scalability, and network performance.

~ Queries Solved
1. What is Quorum?
2. How it solves the problems of public Ethereum Blockchain?
3. What are the features of Quorum?
4. How does Quorum work?

~ Primary Features of Quorum:
1. Privacy – Quorum allows access to transactions and smart contracts only to the participants who are involved.
2. Voting-based Consensus – Quorum utilizes multiple voting-based consensus mechanisms which do away with proof-of-work used in public Ethereum Blockchain.
3. Node Permissioning – It is a remarkable feature that ensures only known parties can join the network as nodes.
4. Increased scalability and network performance.

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